The Situation: FCC Nominee Questioned About Attacks on FOX News

The First Amendment is first for a reason. FCC Nominee, Gigi Sohn, was questioned during a U.S. Senate Commerce Committee hearing by Roy Blunt (R) about her attacks on FOX News. Michael believes if she is nominated, she'll regulate social media, news, and talk radio. Free speech, free thinking, and opposing views are what makes America great. Taking away free speech is an infringement on freedom.

This Wall Street Journal opinion piece is paywalled, but if you have the subscription it's a good read - "Hyperpartisan Gigi Sohn Doesn't Belong at the FCC".

Watch Sohn answer Blunt's question below, full hearing can be found here.

The Situation: Gigi Sohn's Senate Hearing

Listen to the full podcast here, uploaded weekdays after the live show.

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