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The Situation: Denver to end mask mandate on Friday

The show started today with Michael talking about the Denver mask mandate coming to an end on Friday morning. Mayor Hancock said that Denver is ready to manage the pandemic on a "progrommatic" basis. What exactly does that mean?

A man in Italy set himself on fire due to losing his job because of the vaccine mandates. Extreme, but is it a sign of things to come?

In hour two Michael talked about Seattle and the fact that the mayor planned on giving the police precinct to BLM during the Seattle protests.

In segment two Michael revisited the Joe Rogan and Spotify situation.

To wrap of hour two Michael talked about the snowflakes up at Colorado State University being given hotline numbers to call if they are offended by speaking guests and free speech events.

Hour three kicked off with Michael talking about Lindsey Graham and his thoughts on the SCOTUS nomination.

He also mentioned how the "overton window" is changing.

The fourth and final hour started with Michael talking about how annoying WORDLE has become and the fact that the New York Times bought it.

To wrap up the show we talked about a Johns Hopkins studies saying that our shutdowns did very little to subvert the death rate. .02% to be exact.

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