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The Situation: Joe Biden and his manufactured power vacuum

Happy Monday everybody! Michael started the show talking about the power vacuum Joe Biden has created due to his weakness and who and what are filling those voids. Is that why he has the lowest approval rate of any president in the last 50 years?

In segment two Michael played a clip from Victor Hansen Davis on the health decline of Joe Biden.

Wrapped up the first hour by talking about the Chinese burner phone Olympics.

Hour two kicked off with Michael talking about the Joe Rogan situation and why the left is REALLY trying to cancel him. We played a clip from that talking potato Brian Stelter on the matter.

If we're playing fair, shouldn't Joe Biden be held to the same standard as Joe Rogan???

Hour three started with Michael talking about Covid and what we are doing to our children. Then he played the this clip from the mayor of Boston..

We wrapped up the hour talking about the JHU study that the lockdowns we're ineffective. Why is the media ignoring that study???

The fourth and final hour started with Michael wondering what the criteria is for the media covering medical studies.

Wrapped up the show with some of your amazing text messages. Keep them coming!

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