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The Situation: Race relations are regressing in America

Tuesday's show kicked off with Michael talking about his OnlyFans Page! Lol. Then the conversation moved to race and how it's being used to divide us again. In segment two Michael played a clip about a BIPOC charter school opening next fall in Portland, which btw is labeled as being "The Whitest City in America".

Michael believes that sometimes you have to talk about things in order to STOP talking about them. Like this old clip from Morgan Freeman illustrates.

Hour two started with Michael talking about the Canadian trucker protest and the fact that 90% of them are vaccinated. Justin Trudeau finally made an appearance after being in hiding and said this.

In segment two Michael talked about mask mandates ending and the new W.H.O. study saying that masking does very little to stop the spread of influenza. Shocker.

Hour three started with Michael Brown talking about how Governor Polis is spending the wheelbarrow full of cash the federal government gave the state. Where is the oversight? He then moved on to the LA mask mandates and the new study saying they had a 96% compliance rate and still managed to have a higher infection rate than other counties with less compliance. Remember when the head of the CDC told us that masks were more important than vaccines??? Michael does.

To wrap up the third hour we played a clip from Associated Press reporter Matt Lee and a State Department spokesman.

Also, Jen Psaki would like for big tech to do more to limit free speech.

In the fourth and final hour we went to the text line and answered some of your amazing texts. Keep them coming!

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