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Michael Brown

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The Situation: DHS issued a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin

Michael started off the show telling a story about the time he was pitched the idea of Homeland Security after 9/11.

This led to Michael talking about a bulletin on DHS.GOV about the dangers misinformation. Incredible. Here's the link.


We moved on to the out of touch Mayor of NYC and the obsession with his diet.

Hour two kicked off with Michael talking about Randi Weingarten and her ridiculous stance on masks.

This lead to us playing a clip from a school board meeting which will break your heart. Then make you mad!

In segment two Michael talked about the freedom convoy in Canada and how the media is trying to spin it. Of course they are! Despite that, Canada has a divide now, as you can hear below.

Hour three started with us checking in on Justin Trudeau.

Michael thinks that the freedom convoy is the first demonstration that can really hurt the establishment and that Justin Trudeau was told by fellow globalists to squash the protest for that reason. Let's see how it plays out.

The fourth and final hour began with Michael welcoming in his new listeners, or "Noobers" if you will. Then he played a clip from The Five and Geraldo Rivera.

To wrap up the show we checked in on the gift that keeps on giving, Jen Psaki.

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