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The Situation: The World Order Is Changing

Michael was fired up this morning about our country's leadership. The people in charge right now DO NOT like this country. Today should be a tipping point. We've been more concerned about pronouns and what bathroom people can use instead of paying attention to stuff that really matters. Unacceptable! Take a listen.

The fundamental transformation of this country happens at the local level. Time to start paying attention. Yes, a few people are getting recalled but they never should of been elected in the first place. Enough is enough!

It took less than a year for this country to be the world leader in energy production to having to BEG the rest of the world for energy. Incredible.

Hour two began with Michael giving the listeners a basic prepping list. You can listen here.

To wrap up the hour we talked about what happens if and when China or Russia becomes the world's super power. And boy howdy... It's not good!

In hour three Michael started talking about Ukraine and how uncertain this all is. No, he doesn't think this is the start of WW3 but who knows... It has to start somewhere. But fret not goobers, John Kerry has this all figured out. Hahahaha!

To wrap up the third hour we checked in with fox news for their take on Ukraine.

Does it surprise anybody that Putin took the most aggressive path possible?

The fourth and final hour began with Michael talking about how Covid has opened the eyes of parents across the nation of what goes on in public education. Is that why enrollment is down nationwide?

Tomorrow we will have Tax Payer Relief Shots and another edition of the CEO Spotlight presented by Colorado Business Roundtable.

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