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Michael Brown

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The Situation: No Matter What Happens Next, The World Order Has Changed.

Thursdays show started with Michael talking about the Marshall Fire situation and how the truth shall set you free! Then we checked in with our good friend Liz Cheney. Michael thinks Liz is treating January 6th like someone breaking into her gated community.

In segment two Michael talked about the fact that girl scouts are getting harassed during face-to-face sales encounters about health eating habits. Lol! What is wrong with you people?

We wrapped up the first hour revisiting the SOTU address. What?!?

Hour two started talking about Ukraine and how no matter what happens, the world order has changed forever. Victor Davis Hanson explains why.

Michael thinks we need to go back and take a look at the Russia v Finland conflict back in 1939. Here's why.

Hour three began with how the media is covering Ukraine. And how is what happened in Europe effecting politics here in America? Listen to this!

The fourth and final hour started with us checking in on Mitch McConnell.

Be sure to tune-in tomorrow as we'll have Tax Player Relief Shots and another edition of our CEO Spotlight brought to you by the Colorado Business Roundtable.

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