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The Situation: Can We Talk China for a Minute

Just for those who caught the first few minutes of the show will get the picture.

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Now onto the real topics. China has implemented a ZERO COVID POLICY. They are literally bolting the doors, locking people into their homes, and separating parents from their kids.

I know that separating kids from their parents is bad, but it feels like putting cats and dogs into bags and beating them to death is so much worse. I will NOT post those videos or images, BUT if you feel that the story is something that you need to see, check out the Tucker Carlson video HERE

The City of Brotherly Love, the city that houses the Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, is going back to indoor masking. WHAT!

Dr. Tony Fauci has discovered something amazing!

Talking COVID Positivity rates by vaccination status, and variant status. Very interesting data, but you have to look closely.

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