Personal & Health Services

Personal/Health Services

Dave Garrison is "high-performance therapist and personal change coach." At his state-licensed counseling agency, Dave offers discounted individual and group counseling for veterans.

The Motorcycle Relief Project provides relief to veterans with PTSD and other injuries by taking them on multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. Our mission is to honor and encourage veterans while providing them with opportunities to decompress, get unstuck, and connect with other veterans.  

Stillwater Ranch is a non-profit equine therapy ranch in northern Colorado serving veterans and their families. We have opportunities for veterans to volunteer with us, join an advisory board to help us better serve veterans, or enjoy the benefits of equine therapy for themselves and or their families. Our sessions run in 6-week cycles and are always FREE!

The Mindfulness Peace Project offers three "Veterans Peace of Mind" programs at absolutely no cost to veterans. More info by phone at (303) 443.0444 x105 and ask for Margot.

The Healing Warriors Program is a Colorado-based 501c3 nonprofit that provides free non-narcotic clinic services to our service members and their spouses/partners/parents for Pain, PTS, and sleep issues. Our organization is headquartered in Fort Collins, where our main clinic resides, but we also provide free monthly pop-up clinics in Denver, Colorado Springs and Longmont. We serve the Colorado front range and southern Wyoming and we are a registered vendor with the VA.

The Center for Relationship Education has "Healthy Marriage Workshops" and similar activities specifically designed for current and former members of the military.


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