The Troubleshooter
Consumer Advocate Tom Martino has been fighting for consumers more than 30-years utilizing Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines and the Internet. His well-known brand “Troubleshooter” has garnered millions of loyal fans.He has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers in cash, merchandise, exchanges, refunds and services across all mediums. Radio:On radio Tom can be heard weekdays from 10am to 1pm on Denver's TalkRadio 630 KHOW. His high-energy show is unlike anything you’ve ever heard on radio. Each show is filled with calls from people needing consumer help, information and advice. He and his team also do live on-air investigations of consumer rip-offs and fraud.Internet:On the Internet Tom hosts two major high-traffic websites: and and also has a major presence on (in support of his daily radio show). In addition to the websites, Tom has a personal Facebook page and regularly contributes to KHOW's Facebook page.Television:Tom was on KCNC-TV as News-4’s “Troubleshooter” for 20-years, followed by 10-years at KDVR Fox-31 where he was on both the news and hosted his own TV Show.Tom has since moved on to independent television projects for various TV stations. Other Activities:Tom’s respected work in radio, television and the internet, has created a demand for his public speaking and presentations on consumer related topics. Tom consults top corporate executives andbusiness owners around the country on topics concerning business strategies, branding, marketing, advertising and customer service. He also serves as a commercial spokesperson for a select groupof companies that he personally endorses touting their outstanding customer service and consumer value.Tom also enjoys emceeing and speaking for charitable groups and gatherings.Background:Tom’s career spans more than 30 years beginning with a small town newspaper in Catskill, New York. While at the “Catskill Daily Mail” Tom created one of the first-ever “Consumer Action” columns where readers wrote to him for consumer help, information and advice.In the early 70’s Tom moved into broadcasting at WHUC Radio in Hudson, New York where he hosted America’s first consumer call-in show.He then launched his TV career at WRGB in Schenectady, New York.From New York, Tom worked in TV and Radio in Fort Myers, Tampa, Raleigh and Denver. Tom began his Denver career at KCNC-TV and 850-KOA Radio. He also had a long-running column in the Rocky Mountain News and wrote independently for several national magazines.In the late 90’s Tom’s radio show became nationally syndicated for several years on more than 300 radio stations from coast to coast including WABC in New York City and other major markets across the US.Tom is also an avid airplane and helicopter pilot and enjoys horses, camping, sport-shooting, music (he’s a drummer) and golf (although he is really bad at it).