Chalkboard Pics #1 - Ready for Lunch

When I told my friend Kenny that I wouldn't be able to speak for two weeks after a minor surgical procedure on a vocal cord, he then asked if I want to get lunch while I'm recovering. I said, "You did hear me say I can't talk right?" He said, "that's even'll have to listen to me the whole time. And you can just wear a chalkboard around your neck." So I'm gonna do it. Kristen (my wife) bought the chalkboard already, and we'll use that for a series of silly pictures for while I'm out. I'm open to suggestions for chalkboard messages, and feedback as well (by email at ross(at)khow(dot)com.)

This picture was taken the day before surgery, by the way. As of this writing, I am not quite smiling as much. Bleeding a lot from my nose (because a procedure on the interior of my nose was also performed) but pain level is very low. Just frustrating to have to wake up so often to change bandages (and pee, because I drank so much Throat Coat tea yesterday.) It's also hard to avoid a cough or sneeze or throad clear after nose and throat surgery but I'm not supposed to do any of those things. Right now I have a something doing around my head kinda like a surgical mask except the part in front is much smaller and it's to hold gauze under my nose to soak up the blood. 

Overall, though I think the surgery went well and my pain level is VERY low. Nothing stronger than regular Tylenol needed. Oh, for my anesthesia, they used 3 drugs: Lidocaine, fentanyl (which killed Prince and was just the cause of a mass overdose in California), and propofol which is what killed Michael Jackson. It's good to be alive!

So let's stick with the happier picture for now!

Here, you go, Kenny! Ready for lunch (soon...not today!)


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