Chalkboard Pics #5 - Nasal Stents

So you all know the story. And if you've listened to the show a lot you know my voice has been a little weird (mostly slightly hoarse) for a few months. So I went to a GREAT voice doctor here in Denver, David Opperman at Colorado Voice Clinic, and an "incidental finding" of the vocal cord exam is that sometime in my past I'd broken my nose. I'm guessing it was playing basketball on a converted racquetball court which I did hundreds of times during lunch when I was trading at the CBOE

The doctor said it was likely a contributing factor to my worsening snoring, is impeding air flow when I breathe through my nose, and would need to be fixed at some point with a procedure called a septoplasty. I asked, "How about just getting it done at the same time as the vocal cord procedure?" That way I don't have to miss more work, and neither I nor insurance will have to pay for another operating room, another anesthesiologist, etc. Long story short, that's what we did. 

And now I've had nasal stents in my nose for a week.

Now while I do suggest you look up "nasal stents" yourself, I thought I'd save you a little trouble and share with you this absolutely delightful video I found online: 


Yes, really.

I get mine out tomorrow (if you're reading this on Monday, Jan 21.) I can almost feel the MLK spirit on this MLK Day just daydreaming about being free at last from the never-ending stuffy nose and weird pressure inside my nose and sinuses and the eerie feeling of feeling a piece of plastic (yes, with my finger) that starts just 1/4" inside my nostril...but I have absolutely no idea how far up it does into my head, whether it's doing brain damage, etc. 

Please think of me at approximately 9:37 Tuesday morning...I'll give you the gory details upon my return. 


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