Holy %&#@*!, it's Jon Anderson (of Yes) talking about his new project!

When I was a kid, there was probably no band I listened to more than Yes. Especially their early albums like Fragile and Close to the Edge, but of course also their huge hit album a decade later with 90125. I still love Yes music and listen to it frequently, typically as loud as my wife will permit...or when she's not home. So having the chance to talk with Jon Anderson, the band's lead singer and a guy with one of the most recognizable voices in rock history, is an incredible and memorable experience for me.

Jon's new project, 1000 Hands, was almost 30 years in the making and I hope you enjoy hearing him talk about some of that story in this interview. There's some great music on his new album and you can learn more about it, hear some snippets, and order it here: https://jonanderson1000hands.com/. I'm actually going to get it on vinyl! You can check out a couple of the videos from the new album below.

And you can read more about Jon here: Jon Anderson

#SockShoe!!! (listen to the conversation if you don't understand!)

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Just for fun here's the official video of one of my favorite songs of all time, "The Friends of Mr. Cairo" by Jon and Vangelis. There is a much longer (and even more awesome) version out there to watch but you'll have to find that one yourself.

Photo: Jon Anderson

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