Ross's 2020 CO Ballot Issues Voter Guide is here!

Thanks to everyone who asked me to put together another Voter Guide this year. It was a lot of work (as you'll see) but I think it was worth it and I hope you agree.

Here's the link to the PDF version. Feel free to share widely! (If you find any typos please let me know!)

Ross's 2020 Voter Guide

(OK, that was three links to the same document, in case you were wondering.)

An attempt at explaining Amendment B ("Repeal Gallagher Amendment"), which I'm against but I'm not highly confident that my position is the right one.

Analyst Simon Lomax explains that Amendment B will save businesses millions of dollars in increased property taxes. (There is a wide range of estimates on how much residential property taxes will increase if B passes.)

Explanation of Amendment C ("Conduct of Charitable Gaming"), which seems to be to be an easy "Yes"

Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese and I discuss why voters must vote NO on Prop 113 which is nothing more than Colorado Democrats selling out our state to big-money Democrat donors from California.


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