Tamika Mallory: "State of Emergency" for the Black community in America

This is a conversation that most right-of-center folks will rarely hear directly, from the mouth of a social justice activists. Instead, most folks who aren't liberals hear about social justice activists and issues from folks who don't really get it or whose own political biases cause them to misunderstand or caricature folks like Tamika Mallory. So I hope you find this discussion as interesting and informative as I did, even if it makes you yell at your phone or computer.

One quick note: I rarely do this, but I neglected to challenge something Tamika said on the air that demands correction: It is simply not true that police were invented as a method of returning escaped slaves. Police forces have existed for hundreds, even thousands, of years before slavery. Simply put, Tamika's claim, which is common ly heard from social justice warriors is false. https://www.aei.org/op-eds/the-problem-with-claiming-that-policing-evolved-from-slave-patrols/

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