Lt Col Matthew Lohmeier on CRT and the Unmaking of the American Military

It's difficult think of a more harmful trend for this nation than the infiltration of critical race theory (which is simply racism) into the famously diverse and inclusive US military, where men and women serve together, without consideration of race, to protect and defend our nation and its Constitution.

Yet as Space Force Lt. Col Matthew Lohmeier explains in his book, Irresistible Revolution (link below) and in our extended and insightful conversation, both from the highest ranks and the lowest ranks within the military, there is a divisive and pervasive push toward an endless "conversation" about race, including telling members of our military that the United States is an inherently racist country built on white supremacy.

You may be shaking your head, but this is something we must not simply regret or disapprove of; it's something we must push back against with every legal and political means available to us.


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