Brutal fight at Denver’s East HS as adults and students cheer and watch

Photo: Ross Kaminsky

This is not an easy video to watch.

I received it from a parent. She was incredulous and furious at the lack of response of any kind by standers-by and by the school. Is this not just what you would expect after Tay Anderson bullied the supposed adults on the Denver School Board into removing School Resource Officers? (Those are Denver Police Officers assigned to schools...principles and administrations and many parents did not want them removed but somehow in the heat of the left's "defund the police" insanity a young man without a job (Tay) gets the rest of the school board to go along with his disastrous idea. He sowed the wind and now the community is reaping the whirlwind.)

At one point, though it's difficult to hear, the man with the lower-pitched voice identifies himself as the assailant's father. You can hear the father and another male who is clearly familiar to the assailant, possibly an uncle, urging her to keep beating the smaller victim (in the red shirt.) Also, while it is in the background, the father can be heard telling someone "don't you dare touch my daughter", apparently warning off someone who might have been moving to intervene. And later he makes a barely audible comment along the lines of "don't f*** with my daughter", so he seems to think this fight is the way to resolve some sort of dispute.

According to the Denver Police Department, they were not contacted about this violent assault until 5:48 PM whereas I am informed that the fight occurred in the early afternoon which means nobody at the school -- no student, no adult witness and, most shockingly, no school employee -- called the police when it happened. DPD tells me that it was a "East HS representative" who contacted them, "which subsequently led to DPD contacting a parent of one of the involved students." This is insane. [Note: the details of the phone call to DPD have been updated.]

UPDATE FROM DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS DEPT OF SAFETY: "The top priority of East staff was to get medical attention for the student who was injured. An ambulance responded to the school. The Denver Public Schools Dept. of Safety Campus Safety Officer also responded to the incident.. After the student was safe and the other matters of the school day were complete, the East staff reviewed the videos, became fully aware of the severity of incident, and then called the police."

At the time of my posting this, there have not yet been charges filed. The assailant and any adults who were there and did not intervene must be punished, and the father and other adult egging on the assailant must go to jail (along with, obviously, the assailant herself.) Any student who was standing there and did not make any attempt to intervene or get help should be suspended.

And again, what does Tay Anderson have to say now?

This is a brutal fight. Please don't let kids watch. This is the result of Tay Anderson and the Denver School Board removing SROs.

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