The Situation: Orchestrated Effort to Shut Down Pissed Parents

The President of the United States doesn't just read every letter someone sends him. There's a lengthy process. It seems like the letter the National School Board Association's letter calling parents domestic terrorists was stream lined to Attorney General Merrick Garland. Senators Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton argue against AG Merrick Garland's memo on so-called violent threats against school boards. Because parents yelling is scary.

Sen. Ted Cruz defended a parent doing a Nazi salute to prove a point about protected speech. NOT because he supports the Nazi party. But others see it as defending Nazis, not freedom of speech - dominating media misleads their audience.

Say "Nazi" and this is the type of response you see:

Sen. Tom Cotton doesn't let up on the AG either.

Michael Explains How Long It Takes For Letters to Go Through Congress

Listen to the full podcast here. Uploaded weekdays after the live show.

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