The Situation: The President Tells Us To Stop Our Whining

For those that caught the early 6am hour, these images are burned into my brain.

An Englishman abroad: not so stylish legs in the Piazza della Signoria, Florence, Italy

Photo: iStockphoto

Sailor's Hat

Photo: E+

More insane things spew out of President Biden's mouth. If these things were said by the former President, were totally racist. He also stated that we need to take our country back, can someone say insurrection?

Lord Emperor Governor Polis is so kind and humble to give us our own tax money back, as he is legally required to do. Even better, he's giving it back to us earlier than he is supposed to, never you mind that, that money will get to you during an election year.

Granted this segment is a bit long, but it's totally worth it! Dragon and I discuss what the *BLEEP* a Fictosexual is. Also, on a tangent, we wanted to know what who your 'Hall Pass' is.

Now, let's just have a bit of fun with the Vice President of the United States. Enjoy!

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