Ben Murrey of the Independence Institute on Special Interest Tax Benefits

Ben Murrey is the director of the Independence Institute's Fiscal Policy Center. Ben argues, in a new report (linked below) that there has been a massive increase in special interest tax benefits promulgated under the Polis administration. You may remember that while campaigning for governor in 2018, he promised to reduce special interest tax benefits. The report shows that he greatly increased them during his first term. All these tax benefits also reduced our TABOR refunds. We'll discuss

Report: Polis 'failed' to deliver campaign promise to reduce 'special interest' tax benefits | Governor |

Tax Expenditure Modifications, 2019-2022: Governor Polis's Record on Special Interest Tax Benefits - Independence Institute (

Also, the Independence Institute is the force behind the income tax rate reduction on Colorado's November ballot:

Colorado Proposition 121, State Income Tax Rate Reduction Initiative (2022) - Ballotpedia

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