The Situation: It's Friday

I chose not to do any interviews regarding Hurricane Ian. My friend on Fox News Neil Cavuto called and because of you goobers, I had a change of heart.

Take a look at my interview with Neil HERE!

There was a bit of a spat between John Roberts and I. John had spouted off how I knew nothing during Katrina. Understandably, that made me a tad upset, so I almost canceled my interview with Neil. Here is the twitter exchange, enjoy!

'Strange' that the media isn't talking about the first debate between Heidi Ganahl and Jared Polis. I HIGHLY suggest you give it a look. Start the video at the 1 Hour and 12 Minute mark.

Biden just WALKS OFF at FEMA.

This was brought up during TPRS. *WARNING GRAPHIC*

It's been an interesting Friday, and an even more interesting Tax Payer Relief Shots.

Friday at 9 we invite a CEO into our studio. Today for our CEO Spotlight we have Jim Reuter CEO of FirstBank.


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