The Situation: Ryan Schuiling in for Brown - Rep. Boebert, Club Q Shooting

The House Second Amendment Caucus Holds A Press Conference On Gun Control Legislation

Photo: Getty Images

Ryan Schuiling sits in for Michael Brown today. Ryan started the show with thoughts on the CO Springs Club Q shooting & the transfer of power in the House.

CO CD-3 Rep. Lauren Boebert joined Ryan to discuss her reaction to the CO Springs Club Q shooting, AOC's response to her tweet about the shooting & her race.

Transgender Activist Sara Higdon joined Ryan for a convo on the shooting and how the LGBTQ community is reacting to it.

The CO Springs Club Q Shooter shouldn’t have had the ability to carry out this attack.

The story behind the CO Springs shooter is troubling.

The Voice's and Michigan's own Brayden Lape joined Ryan.

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