The Situation: I AM AN IDIOT!

I didn't talk much about (if at all) last week, but Polis and his State of the State speech Colorado (Denver) is turning into a hell hole. At one point he stated that Colorado is middle of the pack in crime, and wants that number to get better. Do you mean better as in more crime, or less?

United Airlines takes aim at Colorado with a new lawsuit against Colorado's 2020 Sick Leave Mandate. Read the story HERE!

Texas Universities ban Tik Tok, but not guns. Read that again, then read the New York Post article HERE!

We got to talking about Eggs and the new regulations. Not quite following a squirrel, but I believe that God gave us dominion over the animals. I missed this last week, but former Denver Broncos lineman Derek Wolfe was getting a lot of hate for him hunting a Mountain Lion who became much to comfortable in local neighborhoods.

More after more after more documents keep showing up at the Biden household. To make things even better, we now have photos of Hunter in what looks to be Joe's Corvette (with a couple of young ladies) outside of Joes house. Don't worry though, the classified documents were in the same garage as the Corvette, it's not like they were out on the street. Check out the photos and story HERE!

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.... What about LIFE Madam Vice President?


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