The Situation: Who's Ready For Their 4th Booster?

Let me just get this out of the way. Yesterday I told the story about how I smashed the wrong iPad. Well, here is the photo, enjoy.

Yesterday afternoon, I needed to pick some things up from the grocery store. I tried to do what Dragon did and 'borrow' one of their hand baskets. As I was walking out, with basket in hand, I was confronted by an employee saying that I needed to bring it back. So I left it in the cart return.

We now can't say the word 'Mummy' Not the British word for Mom, but for ancient Egyptian remains. Check out the story HERE!

Have you heard of 'Traffic Violence'? No, I'm not talking about Road Rage. What is Traffic Violence and why do we need to talk about it? Check it out HERE!

There is no such thing as a "natural" woman. Says the TCMA. Satire?

Egg smuggling on the rise!

Even CNN has brought up egg smuggling. Check out their story HERE!

M&Ms change out their 'Spokescandies' with Maya Rudolph


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