The Situation: Yesterday Was Too Serious, Well Enjoy Today

Girl Dad E-mailed us as to the reason he is away and we wont have any new Little Girl Voice for some time. To anyone who wondered what a Girl Dad looked like, here ya go.

Florida Woman (need I say more) says that her unborn baby should be released from jail. You read that right, now check out the fully story HERE!

Everybody loves to hate lists! We found a list of the top 10 places to get a margarita in Denver. Check out the list HERE!

Just because, Biden falls up stairs... again. Enjoy!

The New York Times - The Mask Mandates Did NOTHING. Big shock I know. Check out the article HERE

Don't worry Pete is on 'personal time' right now. He must have things under control with the Ohio train derailment.

Turn the cameras off, then we'll talk.


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