The Situation: The Reaction to the Tucker Tapes

The impact of Tucker talking Jan 6th tapes

Chuck Schumer's reaction to the Tucker Tapes of Jan 6th.

What Mitch McCinnell had to say about Tucker

Then Kevin McCarthy was asked a leading question about the release and spin on the tapes. You'll have to watch it HERE


California says NO to Walgreens

Kamala's simple story on Conservatives.

Joe Biden admits that he had surgery to look to see if he had a brain.

That Joe Biden video made me run down some rabbit holes. We all know that Joe Biden will say what ever makes him look good in front of what ever crowd he is talking to. Biden talks his brain surgery and needing the Fire Department to get him to the hospital because of the weather. His surgeries were done in February and May off 1988 (found that info HERE). There isn't much call for snow in May, but possibly in February, so I had to look it up. According to Extreme Weather Watch there was NO measurable snow in February OR May of 1988 (check out the site HERE)! - Dragon

Special committee to be formed to figure out why energy bills are so high

Schools in search of safety. Read the story HERE

Denver approved 17.8 Million more for homelessness

Topless Maids make HOW MUCH in a day?


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