The Situation on Thursday 6-8-23

A talkback got us off track right off the bat this morning. Talking famous mascots and why some are still around and some are not. Here is a quick story about some that we don't see anymore.

Dragon just reads headlines of stories then just hands them to me. 'A Denver woman was on a crusade to improve her RTD bus shelter. Now, it’s gone.' Per Dragon, how is it HER bus shelter, does she live there, does she own it. Doesn't matter, HERE is the story.

When you think of Colorado’s defining feature, you think of Casa Bonita? We'll, the New York Times thinks so. Read the story HERE

Everyone is talking about the smoke in New York City

Joy Reid has given a Master Class on linking the smoke in New York to..... Golf. Try to follow along for yourself.

🎵China and Cuba sitting in a Tree🎵


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