Colorado Airport Ranked Among The 'Worst' For Holiday Travel

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While the holidays are a great time for relaxation and cheer, traveling may not be as joyful. Millions of Americans may have to contend with flight delays and cancelations while trying to get to their destination. This year is set to be a standout one for travel, as well. According to the American Automobile Association, over 55 million people plan on traveling over 50 miles away from their homes just for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you're thinking about switching airports, or need to mentally prepare for potential headaches, revealed the worst airports for holiday travel in 2023.

According to the study, one Colorado airport broke into the Top 25: Denver International Airport. Analysts found that 34.6% of all flights are either delayed or canceled between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

Chicago Midway International topped the list with more than 4 in 10 flights being canceled or delayed between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

The website detailed how they went about determining the worst airports to depart from this holiday season:

"We analyzed flight record data provided by the Bureau of Transportation to determine which airports are the riskiest to depart from during the holidays. Our study ranks the top 50 largest airports within major cities across the U.S. based on their track record of delayed and canceled flights during the holiday season. Additionally, we also determined which airports have the best punctuality and on-time flight arrivals."

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