Colorado Spot Named The 'Richest Town' In The State

Expensive houses in Denver COlorado

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Now that we've looked at the richest city in Colorado, it's time to think on a smaller scale. Many wealthy people and families flock to suburbs and towns for various reasons, from privacy and safety to unique attributes you won't find in the bigger cities or major metropolitan areas.

Lending company TitleMax utilized U.S. Census data to determine every state's richest town based on median household income. These locations range from suburbs in metropolitan areas and gated communities to tucked-away neighborhoods.

According to their findings, Colorado's most affluent town is Cherry Hills Village! Located in Arapahoe County, over 6,300 people call this Denver suburb home. The median household income is over $250,000. Cherry Hills Village has an overall A+ rating on Niche.

Writers also provided more interesting findings from their study:

"An estimated 6.68% of American households earn more than $200,000, which truly emphasizes just how wealthy these towns are. These towns have the highest percentages of households earning more than $200,000: 1) Monte Sereno, California: 68.8%, 2) Scarsdale, New York: 68.5%, 3) Mission Hills, Kansas: 67.7%, 4) Short Hills, New Jersey: 66.1%, and 5) Cherry Hills Village, Colorado: 60.1%."

Check out the full list on TitleMax's website.

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