The Situation: Cruz Questions FBI About Ray Epps

Earlier this week, Sen. Ted Cruz questioned Jill Sanborn, FBI, about January 6th and Ray Epps involvement. He's just one of the senators questioning the FBI. Turns out the FBI questioned him and let him go about his merry way. But Michael says we deserve to know what came out of the questioning. Why is it such a secret about this guy the FBI had wanted posters for? Then he just magically disappeared. There's no transparency. Michael argues Sanborn hid behind the "it's under investigation and I cannot answer" answer when she absolutely could have without compromising the investigation.

Sen. Adam Kinzinger wants to stop the conspiracy that Epps was working with the government to incite violence. Read more about it here.

The Situation: Why Hide Epps Testimony?

Listen to the full podcast here, uploaded weekdays after the live show.

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