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Michael Brown

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The Situation: It's Groundhog Day, and boy is it!

Today's show started out with Michael talking about snow days and the wussification of America. Is dumbassery the biggest threat in America today? The reason he asks is because some corncob wants to block out the sun to prevent global warming.

In segment two we talked about the Washington Football Team changing their name to the Commanders.

Hour two we talked more about snowmageddon and global warming then moved on to Whoopi Goldberg being suspended by ABC for two weeks.

The media is spinning her remarks as an opportunity to have 'nuanced discussions". Incredible.

In hour three Michael talked about Afghanistan and the importance of forward operating military bases. Axios has a formally classified report out about the fall of Kabul and Biden's failure.

We wrapped up the hour talking about Covid and what we know now.

The fourth and final hour was a potpourri of topics including Ivermectin and non traditional doctors.

And the national debt has hit 30 TRILLION dollars.

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