Michael Brown

Michael Brown

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The Situation: What stage of dementia does Joe Biden have?

Michael kicked off the show today talking about Senator Pete Lee postponing remote testimony due to the snow. Incredible!

Michael went on to talk about President Biden's declining health and the footage of Jill having to lead him by the hand yesterday. Not a great look! How long before the 25th amendment is invoked? What would that mean?

Maxine Waters apparently paid her daughter over 1 million dollars in campaign money over the years. Must be nice!

In hour two Michael talked about Ivermectin and why there is such a stigma attached to the medicine. New study out of Japan says it's a very effective way to treat Covid-19 and all variants.

Douglass County School District decided to have a "sick out" today. Do teachers unions really care about the kids?

Hour three began with Michael talking about Jen Psaki defending the free home tests being MADE IN CHINA. Incredible.

To wrap up the hour Michael played a recoding from the Douglas County Teachers Union conference call.

The final hour began with the BEAKING NEWS of the morning that an Isis leader was killed in Syria.

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