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Phone records expose lies by Fani Willis, Nathan Wade about timing of affair, could sink Trump election fraud case

Dan and Ryan mull potential Trump VP picks, including an intriguing darkhorse, ahead of South Carolina primary

Dan is not impressed with Gov. Kristi Noem's (R-SD) energy and delivery at CPAC in support of Donald Trump, and effectively writes her off as a potential vice-president pick. Suggestions flood in from listeners, including Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R-AR), Tulsi Gabbard, and Ryan praises the recent campaign stumping by Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) as a potential choice. One caller brings up an outside-the-box name that both Dan and Ryan think just might work.

Steffan Tubbs previews his new documentary 'DEVASTATED: Colorado's Fentanyl Disaster'; Stephen L. Miller on Google Gemini AI backfire

Steffan Tubbs sticks around for the first half hour of Hour 2 with Dan, highlghting his new and gripping documentary 'DEVASTATED: Colorado's Fentanyl Disaster' and discussing the work behind the scenes that went into making the film. Also, Ryan takes the wheel for the final half hour as Dan heads to the Nuggets game with the rest of his law firm. Stephen L. Miller, 'Versus Media' podcast host, joins him to break down the epic failure of Google's new Artificial Intelligence interface 'Gemini,' which simply refused to generate ANY images of white men, instead replacing historical figures with people of color in order to fit it's 'Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion' algorithm. The results are hysterical, hilarious... and harrowing.

'Just Say No' may not have been enough in the 80s, but just one bad dose of fentanyl can be deadly; DEA special agent David Olesky joins

David Olesky, DEA special agent for the Rocky Mountain Field Division joins Dan for the first three segments live in-studio to take us inside of the government agency's efforts to combat the fetanyl crisis in Colorado, with untold amounts pouring over America's unsecured southern border and killing thousands of people every year. Former 710 KNUS afternoon host Steffan Tubbs follows up with his thoughts as the new public affairs officer for the DEA's regional division.

Trump supporters are part of a cult, according to many leftists; Big Dem donor calls for Biden to step aside

Phone lines explode after 'Eery' Mike accuses Dan and all Trump supporters of being part of a cult. Does this talking point from the Left land with average Americans? Ryan laments that there was no Kool-Aid to enjoy as part of this so-called cult he's allegedly in. Hedge fund billionaire - and big-time Democratic donor - Bill Ackman states that Joe Biden is 'done' and goes on to say it's embarrassing the 81-year-old remains the candidate and presumtive nominee for the Democrats, let alone President of the United States.

Michelle Obama continues to linger over Biden re-election bid; Haley announces campaign stop in Colorado

Dan and Ryan mix it up over the viability of a Michelle Obama campaign for President. Dan contends she is a formidable opponent who will be difficult to defeat, and the nomination is hers if she wants it. No matter when that may be, now or at the Democratic convention this August in Chicago. Ryan counters that Michelle Obama's chief accomplishment in her life was marrying a man who became President, has never held office, has never run a business, has never created a single job, she simply basks in her own cult of personality. Will she end up being the nominee? Also, Nikki Haley and her team has just announced a campaign stop coming to Centennial, Colorado ahead of Super Tuesday. Should Ryan attend and try to get an interview with her?

Dropping in on Trump town hall with Laura Ingraham; Kevin O'Leary thinks Trump fraud verdict poisons New York business

Dan checks in on a live town hall featuring Donald Trump during Laura Ingraham's Fox News program. Also, 'Mr. Wonderful' Kevin O'Leary ('Shark Tank') skewers New York for its arbitary and capricious judgment against Trump in the civil fraud case brought by Attorney General Letitia James in the state, and says it is a recipe for disaster in future business arrangements for the city and state.

Denver Post slams Mayor Johnston on budget cuts to fund illegals; Biden will be forced to shut down border himself

In a stunning op-ed by the normally leftist Denver Post, the editorial board takes Mayor Mike Johnston to task for gutting citywide programs like the DMV and Parks and Recreation in order to temporarily pay for illegal migrants streaming into the city. Also, Dan predicts President Biden (or perhaps a soon-to-be President Harris) will issue executive orders closing the border with Mexico for political expediency, despite the obvious backlash to follow with one question: "If you could have done this all along, why did you wait until now?"

Civil fraud case against Trump is politically motivated and unparalelled in American history as weaponization of justice system

Dan points out the thin legal basis for attorney general Letitia James to make her civil fraud case against Donald Trump, which was just ruled against him to the tune of $355 million. Who are the victims? How were they damaged? Why didn't any of Trump's lenders file a complaint or lawsuit against him?

NY Judge Engeron rules Trump liable for $355 million in fines, 3-year ban from doing business in state

The lawfare against Trump continues, with a $355 million civil fraud decision going against him in Judge Arthur Engeron's court, rewarding partisan hack New York attorney general Letitia James with a political scalp in what may be a temporary victory for American leftists pending appeal. In addition, Donald Trump was banned from doing business in the state of New York for three years and both of his sons (Don Jr., Eric) were prohibited from being an officer in the state for two years.