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Ryan on the pendulum swing of money from Zuckerberg abandoning Biden and Musk jumping in to help Trump

Dan reacts to Trump's historic RNC speech after last Saturday's assassination attempt in Pennsylvania

Before he heads out on vacation to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary with wife Aimee, Dan reacts to Donald Trump's RNC acceptance speech in Milwaukee and the tone the entire convention sets for the rest of the campaign.

History in the making as Dems finally drive Joe Biden from his bid for re-election, who will take his place on the ticket

Following the details of Mark Halperin's reporting for Newsmax, details start to trickle in about how Joe Biden will exit the 2024 race. Dan and Dick Wadhams discuss.

Dick Wadhams joins Dan in studio as the Democrat machine dismantles Joe Biden's re-election campaign in real time

Incredibly, as Donald Trump prepares for the speech of his life on Thursday night, the sharks of the Democratic machien are circling Joe Biden and seeking to end his political career.

Dick Wadhams joins Dan live in-studio to offer his full analysis of a very historic week in American politics.

As more info emerges on Trump assassination attempt, less and less is making sense; Chuck Schumer calls on Biden to drop out

An insane explanation from Secret Service director Kim Cheatle on why no sharp shooters were stationed on top of the building from which the would-be assassin fired shots at President Donald Trump begs for more investigation. Cheatle claimed the building had a 'sloped roof' posing a danger to agents.

Also, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) adds to the ranks of Democrats calling for Joe Biden to bow out of the 2024 race for President.

News breaks on Biden's potential demise as a candidate for President, COVID diagnosis and Schiff calls for him to step down

The dominoes seem to be falling toward Joe Biden's exit from the race, and while Dan is already doing his touchdown celebration dance - Ryan isn't giving up on the declining President. News breaks that Biden has contracted COVID and will miss a scheduled appearance in Las Vegas. Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) also has joined the chorus of prominent Democrats calling on Biden to drop out of the 2024 campaign for re-election.

Biden refuses to own his part in heated political rhetoric; Teamsters president at RNC brilliant politically

In another weak, feeble, and disjointed television interview - this time with NBC's Lester Holt - President Joe Biden appears small by refusing to back down from (or even admit) using incendiary political rhetoric when referring to Donald Trump, after the assassination attempt against the former President on Saturday in Pennsylvania.

Also, Trump turns a brilliant political move by inviting Teamsters president Sean O'Brien to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump appears to be a changed man during RNC entrance, will he show a message shift on Thursday?

Donald Trump made a triumphant entrance on Monday night at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, just over 50 hours after an assassination attempt failed by a matter of mere centimeters. Has this near-death experience changed the man? Dan and Ryan believe it might have, and we will likely see the resulting outcome of the entire ordeal on Thursday night.

Rep. Ty Winter (R-47) joins Dan to discuss the reaction, fallout, and ghoulish responses from the Left after Saturday's assassination attempt against Donald Trump.

Included among them was a reprehensible post by Colorado state Rep. Steven Woodrow (D-2, Denver), prompting calls from Republican leadership in the House for Woodrow to resign or be expelled. 

After Saturday's shooting, Woodrow posted, "The last thing we needed was sympathy for the devil but here we are." Woodrow deleted his X account shortly after making the post. 

Apology issued for tweet after Trump assassination attempt | Colorado-politics | coloradopolitics.com

Trump inspires supporters to 'Fight' with fist raised and blood on his ear after assassination attempt

Strength. Resilience. Determination. Donald Trump showed remarkable resolve under the most dire of circumstances as a would-be assassin's bullet graced the top of his right ear and sent him down to his knees - only to arise with his fist raised defiantly, shouting 'Fight!' to the assembled rally-goers in Butler, Pennsylvania. This iconic image will live on in American history, and it may have sealed an election victory for Trump in 2024.

Trump emerges from assassination attempt an American superhero; Was a guardian angel watching over him?

Donald Trump narrowly escapes an assassin's bullet on Saturday in Butler, Pennsylvania - only to emerge an American folk hero like President Theodore Roosevelt, pumping his fist defiantly to the assembled crowd of supporters. Was there divine intervention at play? Was a guardian angel somehow watching over him? Dan explains why he believes so.