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Kristi Burton Brown is joined by County Commissioners Carrie Geitner Lora Thomas and Abe Laydon

Centennial Institute's Jeff Hunt joins Kristi Burton Brown to talk about the Western Conservative Summit


DeSantis takes aim at Trump on 'castastrophic' COVID response; Trump contradicts earlier support for DeSantis

The 2024 Presidential campaign is officially ON - are you Team Trump or Team DeSantis? Ryan fields calls and texts from listeners who have already taken a stand, and those who are not decided between the two. Also, Ron DeSantis may have found a vulnerability of Trump's he can exploit: COVID response. While Trump torches DeSantis on Truth Social with a series of hilarious takes, but are they fair attacks against the Florida governor?

Adeline moonlights with take on Trump vs. DeSantis; Siraj Hashmi, Habibi Bros Power Hour podcast host

The Replacements have taken over the program, with Adeline on phones for Kelly and Ryan filling in for Dan. The young Ms. Mager explains why she is shifting her support from Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis as a Gen Z conservative, and callers contribute their thoughts on the Trump-DeSantis continuum as well. Siraj Hashmi, co-host of the Habibi Brothers Power Hour podcast, joins Ryan for his take on the glitch-filled Twitter Spaces announcement by DeSantis with Elon Musk in declaring his candidacy for President.

Three of King Soopers Five respond to condescending statement from corporate headquarters on their firings

Greg McArthur, Julie Olivett, and Teresa Maldonado join Dan with an update on their firings in the wake of heroically stopping a shoplifter at their grocery stores, and to respond to a tone-deaf statement from the corporate headquarters at King Soopers on the matter.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) enters 2024 Presidential race on Twitter Spaces; Remembering Tina Turner (1939-2023)

Florida governor Ron DeSantis officially announces the start of his 2024 campaign for President in a Twitter Spaces conversation with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, despite technical difficulties with the platform due to overwhelming traffic for the event. Also, Ryan plays songs in tribute to the great Tina Turner (1939-2023), 'The Queen of Rock and Roll,' on the day of her passing in Switzerland.

DeSantis to announce run for President on Twitter Spaces; Will America elect a bachelor like Tim Scott as President?

Sources confirm Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will announce his 2024 run for President in a Twitter Spaces interview with Elon Musk on Wednesday - is this an effective strategy to begin his campaign? Ryan points out James Buchanan was the only bachelor ever elected President of the United States, as Dan wonders whether Americans would ever repeat the feat with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC).

Colorado teachers union decries evils of capitalism, as Dan calls for altruism in capitalism with Nuggets Finals tickets

The teachers union of Colorado issued a statement condemning capitalism and all the societal wrongs it has caused, presumably a Marxist endorsement of socialism or worse. Dan criticizes the capitalist opportunism of Denver Nuggets ownership without the altruism of making NBA Finals tickets affordable for the working class fans who support the team, citing the NBA franchise's monopoly on the Denver market as its only professional basketball organization.

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) enters race for President; Trump vs. DeSantis on conservative bona fides

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) announces his candidacy for President in the Republican primary, and both Dan and Ryan are impressed with his credentials and personal story. President Trump fires off a post on Truth Social congratulating Scott, while also (predictably) finding a way to rip 'Ron DeSanctimonious.' Is this a good strategy? Also, Ryan asks Dan about his thoughts on the conservative bona fides of DeSantis vs. Trump's record in office as President.

NAACP warns African-Americans not to travel to racist Florida; How did Obama win Presidency in a racist nation?

In a laughable bit of theater on MSNBC, NAACP President Derrick Johnson warns African-Americans not to travel to Florida where 'your life is not valued.' Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) just won re-election in the state by a historic margin unprecedented for a Republican candidate in the state. Also, Dan and Ryan discuss what should have been a celebrated, historic election of Barack Obama as the first African-American President - but Democrats refuse to acknowledge the significance of this achievement for the country.