Each weekday from 9AM to 12PM, Ross brings a fresh perspective to the news, politics, culture and everyday life. For Ross, it's all about great ideas, freedom, and fun -- and not about labels, us versus them, or assuming that a disagreement means someone has bad intentions. What can we do together to make Denver, along with the rest of the state, country and planet, a better place for us and our children? Ross's approach is distinctly libertarian; he's still trying to figure out if that means he makes everyone a little bit happy or a little bit cranky. But whichever it is on any given day, he cares about your opinion. While most of Ross's career has been in financial markets trading (waving his hands and yelling on a trading floor in Chicago for many years), Ross has been involved in political media since college and in radio for the past decade, He loves radio and hopes you can tell when you tune in to the show or listen to a podcast. Ross is an adventure traveler, Navy brat, science geek, and NFL fan. Having escaped the People's Republic of Boulder, Ross lives near Denver with his wonderful, beautiful and talented Australian wife, Kristen, their two children, and their French and English bulldogs who snore constantly.






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