2-6-23 - *FULL SHOW* The Ginormous Chinese Balloon; New Day in Broncos Country

2-6-23 *INTERVIEW* Nicole Savino Criminal Defense Attorney at the Sawyer Legal Group

2-6-23 *INTERVIEW* Michael Morell on the Fallout From the Chinese Spy Balloon

2-3-23 - *FULL SHOW* It's Friday and I Have No Idea What I'm Talking About

2-3-23 *INTERVIEW* Ed Sealover Renowned Writer for Denver Business Journal Is Moving On

2-3-23 *INTERVIEW* Energy Expert Patrick De Haan Talking Gas Prices

2-2-23 - *FULL SHOW* Richard Haass; DeSantis Beats College Board; Groundhog Day

2-2-23 *INTERVIEW* Foreign Policy Expert Richard Haass New Book 'The Bill of Obligations'

2-1-23 - *FULL SHOW* Water is for Fighting; You Know They Can Steal Your House?

2-1-23 *INTERVIEW* Colorado State Rep Ty Winter The Use of A Firearm in Your Business