The Rundown - Tues 8/22/18: Post-eclipse; Post-Bannon; Post-Charlottesville

Before we get to the eclipse, I wanted to share my recent article with you regarding how conversations with listeners about President Trump's reaction to Charlottesville clarified my thinking about his supporters:

Also, I'd like to give myself a tiny pat on the back for my Ross Report last Monday in which I predicted that Steve Bannon's employment at the White House had "days, and at most weeks" remaining. As we learned on Friday, he's now gone.


Thanks to Tim for sending this picture of the eclipse as seen in Fort Lupton, CO.

Photo by Tim M in Ft. Lupton, CO

And to Bob for sending these three pics, taken over the course of 25 minutes, from Littleton, CO

Photo by Bob B in Littleton, CO

Traveling with Tom Martino in his helicopter to see the total solar eclipse in Arthur County, Nebraska, after staying the night at the North Shore Lodge on the north side of Lake McConaughy, was a tremendous amount of fun. None if it would have happened without the hard work and inspiration of my producer, Shannon Scott.

Ross and Tom heading to Nebraska for the eclipse

We flew over a lot of farmland, as well as a bunch of cattle feed lots out near Fort Morgan, CO

Feed lot near Fort Morgan, CO
Arriving at Lake McConaughy, near Ogallala, NE

When we arrived, about a hundred of the friendliest people ever came out to say hi. They said they don't get a lot of helicopters landing there...

The welcoming committee near North Shore Lodge

We made our way to luxurious unit 21. (OK, it wasn't luxurious but to be fair it was something of a miracle that Shannon was able to find any place to stay on short notice, and #21 had a perfect location near the main lodge building where we did Monday's show.)

Unit 21 and Shannon's KHOW van

After Monday's show we went up to Todd Kramer's ranch about 35 miles north of the lodge to watch the eclipse with listeners.

Watching the eclipse with KHOW listeners

My iPhone didn't take very good pics of the eclipse, but you can see Tim and Bob's pics above and I'm sure you've seen lots of great pictures in other places!

I did NOT take this pic, but I love it!

Here's someone else's pic...much better than anything I took

One question we asked listeners yesterday: If you ended up standing next to someone (during the eclipse) who somehow didn't get the memo and didn't know an eclipse was happening, what explanation would you give them? Here area bunch of listeners' answers:

James: I thought there was an eclipse today until I realized that the liberals had found a way to tax sunshine!!

Sheri: The Boulderites used up too much solar power so there will be rolling blackouts of the sun through the rest of the summer.

Another Japanese nuclear power plant, much like Fukushima, had a major meltdown, with an explosion that threw a massive ball of radioactive waste into the sky.

It’s the Russians!

They’re here…

From Joseph: Kim Jong Un was testing a new North Korean super-weapon designed to block the sun over North America

From Jennifer, Trump is blocking the sun to hide the US

It’s a government plan to help deal with global warming…I mean climate change.

It’s an asteroid so large that the government decided there was no point in warning people because they didn’t want us to be in a state of panic for our last days on earth.

For people in CO Springs, from Cyndi: It is the wrath of God come to smite us for the actions of the progressives.

From Jerald: Hey dude, didn't you hear the Yellowstone Volcano here in Wyoming erupted and the ash cloud is blotting out the sun.  In an hour we are going to be under 10 feet of hot ash.  We are going to die.

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